r a m b l i n g s & m u s i n g s

The last 24 hours have pretty much been the most painful moments in the last year, but I sit here this morning looking out at the sunshine beaming at 6.30 in the morning. Why this? A personal reflection on a fashion kinda blog? Because, just as I think I’d like to staple all my fingers and feel the pain ooze out of my body and then lie still under a sharp & glistening guillotine, I am amazed at life and people and little inspirations that can pick you up  and find a small (very, very small), yet nevertheless it’s there, light. For me it was a chain of events and this passage that I read very quickly yesterday during my very, very bad day. It was also my friends who sat & watched and talked and laughed and waited for me to have a nervous breakdown through my smiles and laughs and it was that man in the hospital (no i did not staple my fingers or lie under a guillotine) that walked out of a hospital room and straight to me and chatted with me. It was the kind man-nurse who gave my daughter a certificate for being brave but looked me straight in the eye and nodded at me. Sure these events could all be figments of my imagination but at those moments, they touched the right place and just for a small moment (very, very small) the pessimist inside of me was shoved to the ground by the eternal optimist in me that believes, just for a second, that love and loss and all those things will happen but I will survive. Cue corny music. So anyway, here is that tiny little passage that made me smile, it may not mean much to you but it inspired me perfectly yesterday. Now to find today’s inspiration…


3 thoughts on “r a m b l i n g s & m u s i n g s

  1. hey love,
    i’ve never commented on your blog before but i check it daily and i checked the sabina one as well religiously. i love and appreciate the photos that you collect, such a great eye. truly glorious photographs that are little rays of light. please take care xxx alice

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