b r o m l e y ‘ s / w o n d e r l a n d

It really is a small world. I have been fascinated by artist David Bromley’s work for a while now, be it his creative genius in painting, window displays for local shops or his amazing store, ‘A Day On Earth’. I was so intrigued when I got a peek into his studio a few years ago while my daughter played in the park next door. I walked by the open door many times just to get a glimpse of what was inside. Then came the store, entering Bromley’s shop ‘A Day On Earth’ is like stepping into a surreal playground of all things old and beautiful, collections of furniture, Art, objects & beautiful children’s clothing. Just the other day I had a David Bromley day, he was everywhere! In the morning he and his children played at the local pool, I walked past his amazing residence that day and was surrounded by his Art in a little place I went to with friends. On that same day my friend told me about Lucy’s blog, The Design Files and dared me to be amazed by photos of the inside of his place. OMG, she actually got inside & got an interview AND posted this super photos on her blog! Thanks Lucy for sharing and thank-you for feeding my Bromley fascination!

A Day On Earth blog, here.

Lucy’s (The Design Files) full interview & reflections, here.


2 thoughts on “b r o m l e y ‘ s / w o n d e r l a n d

    • I know, amazing right? From the street you look up to a double fronted balcony above commercial shops on a main shopping strip & all you see are distressed walls & those large light pendants. Incredible!

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