I still wanna be a chloé girl!

Burberry Prorsum (pic 1) & Chloe runway hair Spring 2010

This post started as a “I heart 70’s inspired hair” type thing hence the Burberry Prorsum image in the hair collage but it has swiftly taken the “I heart chloé” direction.

I have a great fondness for laid back, easy style, the kind that you throw on and walk out the door. In fact, most of the things I buy fit into this category. I’m not sure if the style came to me from laziness or true admiration. Anyway, looking at the last few Chloé collections there is an obvious identification of seventies reference that just wins my heart.

Laid back styling, featuring wavy hair and fresh faced models wearing leather sandals, exuded breezy yet timeless style on and off the runway. Although MacGibbon adopts the on-trend colours for Spring, she manages to do so in perfect Chloé savoir-faire. Yep, I still wanna be a Chloé girl!


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