“The secret of being a good buyer? Being tuned in. You’ve got to know what is happening. I get inspiration from what I haven’t seen. I can sense when a trend is coming to an end.”

“I left school at 15. I wanted to be free. I was rebellious. The teachers said “She has SO much potential.” I thought “What the **** do they know?” The truth is I didn’t know what motivation was.”

“I shaved all my hair off when I was 19 and became the door bitch of a nightclub. After that only the kind of guys I liked would whistle at me in the street.”

“The single biggest event of my teens was the moment I fell in love with Rufus (Sewell). Three days after I shaved my hair off I was sat in the Pacific Blue Room, a hot restaurant on Oxford Street in Sydney when Kiefer Sutherland walked in with this weird looking guy. He had these big big eyes. He was staring at me, and I was like “who is this weird guy?” Then a few minutes later I looked back at him, and that was it. It was love. The man was Rufus Sewell. A week later I had moved into his hotel. He was making a movie called Dark City. We became inseparable. Three months later I moved to London. That was it. I was 20.”

Yasmin Sewell’s blog for UK Vogue here


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