*pics via vain & vapid

Look at those Miu Miu clogs…sigh…but really fashion smashion, i’m a little bored by it at the moment. Do you ever feel like everybody is morfing into one another, the same looks over and over again and so many blogs have the same kind of aesthetic and content – or is it just me haha.

I’ve been getting into interiors and all things homey lately as I frantically try to find a little place to call home with my daughter. It’s been a long road in the last 7 months but yesterday I finally had a good day. Yes people, in 7 months finally a day where it all went smoothly. I even smiled. There was nothing particulalry great about this day, just that I didn’t want to cry, oh and I didn’t spill hot coffee on myself and burn my arse and then have to show a co-worker, but that’s another story altogether!!

Off to start Sunday, hope it’s a goodie x


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