i t . s t a r t e d . w i t h . o n e

It really did. One pair of shorts, one top, one bag. Suddenly it grew out of control. Oh, how I would love to have an unlimited cash supply. Unfortunately, the Kindergarten wage just aint gonna cut it. I do wonder however, if i did in fact, have such copious amounts of money, would I buy these items or would i be as dumbfounded walking into shops as i feel today? I walk in knowing exactly what i want, yet I’m never convinced of the merits of such exorbitant price tags. And now I’m hearing the words I dare mouth to my daughter today, “oh darling, if only all of life’s problems were as simple as the shoes you need to wear to your school play”. Ooops. Think of the following list then as beautiful clothes that need not be owned, just admired. x

Current/Elliott The Perfect Shirt

$215 – net-a-porter.com
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272 AUD – thegrandsocial.com.au
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Shorts med dragkedja
549 SEK – modekungen.se
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Fleece shorts
$56 – rittenhouse.com.au
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Road Pipe Cuffs
$253 – madeherthink.com
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