s o m e w h e r e

Cannot wait to see Sofia’s new film!
Extract from Humberto Leon’s interview with film maker Sofia Coppola and about her new film ‘Somewhere’.
Humberto Leon: I love the title of your movie, Somewhere. Where does it come from?
Sofia Coppola: Thanks. I love Ed Ruscha’s work, so was trying to think of something in that spirit, and the idea is that the main character needs to go somewhere else, but doesn’t know exactly where. It’s the vague idea of somewhere other than where he is right now.
HL: The image you chose for the poster is breathtaking. Can you talk about that image?
SC: That’s from one of my favorite moments in the film, where Stephen Dorff’s character and Elle Fanning, who plays his daughter, take a day off together around the Chateau Marmont, and hang out by the pool instead of going where they’re supposed to. It’s their moment of bonding, poolside. You can see a little of a Gucci billboard behind them in the bushes.
More here.

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