music & words

Heart breaks, happiness, car accidents, nostalgia and fucking Jazz music…

I can admit when I cry as most of the time when I’m really hurt or in pain it mostly manifests only in my stomach, which quite amazingly & literally takes my breath away. Anyway, crying…I have done a fair amount of this in the last 24 hours. Some of it out of anguish directly resulting from external forces, some even out of happiness – my treasured friend CK just had a real life baby! Yes, one of those magical little bundles that envelopes your heart and never lets go!
What then could there be left? What else could make you cry B? Music..Jazz music in fact, and as I write this, anything with French lyrics. It transports me to the most far away place in my soul, that tiny little place where dreams and happiness exist and where you can be your true and absolute self without anybody hurting, interfering or controlling you. Imagine the freedom!?
And that brings me to my last point..when you are breaking, do not get behind the wheel of a car because you might just break other things. Luckily, a minor dent & mostly just fear of what could have been.
I’m going to switch the beats and transport myself to wonderful possibilities…

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