I have such an affinity for Jade Sarita Arnott’s designs, there’s always a piece or three that I dream about for months and then unknowingly covet in my own wardrobe. As a self-confessed denim fiend, my favourite item from the AW12 collection is the denim dress but this shouldn’t be mistaken for a disregard of the other pieces. Oh no, you can’t forget about the simple perfect lines of the dresses or the rich colours of the other pieces so perfectly reminiscent of the designer’s inspiration…1979! I really enjoyed reading the little blurb & interview regarding the making of the collection and look book so I thought I’d share!

“I collaborated with Maya Villiger, the NY-based photographer and editor of blog Turned Out and New York-based stylist Stevie Dance on the photographs for the campaign look book.  I really relate to Maya’s sensibility as a photographer and thought she would be perfect to work with on such a sensitive project. Maya shoots on film and it was through this that we achieved such rich colours and the beautiful sun-drenched quality to most of the images.

Stevie is incredibly talented and really understands the Arnsdorf aesthetic, and did a wonderful job bringing her touch of magic to the images. The three of us have a natural fluidity working together and it’s always really nice to work with people you have enormous respect for both professionally and personally. The model Ann Kelly is someone Maya has frequently shot for her own personal work and there is a lovely familiarity that is translated into the playful, relaxed intimacy of the images. The photographs have a nostalgic quality reminiscent of the original 1979 inspiration.”

Image credits:
Photographer: Maya Villiger
Stylist: Stevie Dance
Model: Ann Kelly


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