Sometimes it’s just a rant…

It’s amazing how people’s interactions are so selfish these days. More and more, in social settings and at work, people decide somewhere along the line that they are more important; their news, their time, their meeting, all has precedence over you. It’s so disconcerting when I come against this..I’m like a deer in headlights, not wanting to push back or talk back but also wanting to stand my ground without the grind of the interaction. The older I get, the less I feel equipped for such nauseating experiences. Some might say, get a grip girl, who cares or speak up but doesn’t that make us all go around sounding just as self-righteous?

I started the day stuck in a congested street, window down, the radio telling me that an elderly lady had died trying to cross the street. I pictured the scene, pictured her husband watching on, felt enormous pressure on my heart. The radio told me to avoid the area, a text came through on my phone telling me the same thing but I was in it, nowhere to turn. I probably could have driven the back streets furiously but it didn’t seem necessary. Slow down, my little head tells’s not worth the rush, the chaos of getting somewhere so desperately. So I was a little late this morning, no big deal. Luckily, just in time to have those great office interactions that I love so much ;)


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