Scratch & Sniff

 Chloé’s “L’eau De Chloé ” fragrance campaign shot by Camilla Akrans featuring model Camille Rowe. 

For me a scent is a critical decision. Scoff if you will but there is no greater quest in my life than the perfect accompaniment to me. My clothes, my mood, my day, they are all punctuated by that little spray of goodness that is the last to touch my skin before heading out the door. I can purchase an item of clothing in a split second but a scent..well it can take me years! During my time of scent wearing, I have only ever allowed a small number of pretty little bottles occupy my bathroom shelf. My teenage years were ruled by Thierry Mugler’s Angel Perfume – one spray and I’m transported back to teenage angst or university days. Chloé Eau de Parfum saw me through some hard times yet still makes me happy and my all time favourite – Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is my little spray of Paris. I roamed the streets of Paris and must have stopped in every Sephora store just for a spray. Just like an addict. For days I walked around testing whether it could be the one – the new signature scent!

Well today as I stepped inside Mecca Cosmetica in Melbourne, I discovered a new love. The latest L’eau De Chloé! What wonderment, what pure bliss. I knew it had to be the one, I sniffed my wrist like a woman possessed. I even went back for more after an hour! Then I created a huge dilemma. As I re-applied the L’eau De Chloé on one of my wrists, I sprayed a little of the Love, Chloé on the other.


Why did I create such chaos for my senses, such a painful decision?!


Get both you say?


The new fragrance L’eau De Chloé features distilled rosewater, patchouli and citrus notes, and is tantalisingly described as the olfactory equivalent of “layers of chiffon in bright sunlight, bare feet brushing long grass” and “the glow of dawn on the skin” – Vogue UK


The 2010 ads for Love, Chloé


Love is a feminine and sophisticated floral composition, described to be powdery and soft. Blending notes of orange blossom, pink pepper, iris, lilac, wisteria, hyacinth, heliotrope, powdery musk, talc and rice.

Yes, perhaps I shall save for both!


3 thoughts on “Scratch & Sniff

  1. a most wonderous post! i made a beeline for mecca on my lunch break today – inspired by your post – and must agree that the new scent amazing! but as you know, love chloe holds a special place in my fragrance heart too xx

    • It’s as if you knew that i wanted your opinion ck! Of course Love Chloe reminds me of you so even more reason to love it! So glad you liked the new one too..and work break? ohmygoodness!

  2. i know… groan! life moves quickly!! but maybe we can catch up in the city one day soon, like old times? looking forward to seeing you my precious friend – much love!

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