The Best Things Come In..8?

1. Stripe, tobacco jacket, (faux?) fur, shredded jeans, tomato red..clearly a wining combo.

2. Oversized jacket, grey marle sweat top, skinnies & lady like shoes..amaze.

3. White, green, burgundy which is like silk, peplum & leather gloriousness! I die.

4. Easy neutrals, tan leather jacket..not trying hard but simply glorious due to ace accessories.

5. Top knot. Shredded band t-shirt. Light denim. Dot. This is the shit.

6. Hanging loose & pink suede shoes..oh yeah!

7. Sunglasses, colour combo but mostly I envy those proportions & how well she wears them.

8. My favourite of all. I would wear this everyday. Feminine perfection, pattern mix & those shoes..aha shoe porn alright!


One thought on “The Best Things Come In..8?

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