Laura-May Gibbs

Laura-May, the head womenswear designer behind the surf slash lifestyle brand Insight  via Surf Collective NYC.

“Lately I’ve been into early 90’s African American Hip-Hop culture. I’ve been watching Spike Lee’s cinematic classic Do The Right Thing, and just yesterday was taking screen-grabs from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince music clip Summertime. You’ll see the influence of old school sport, African American tribal prints and slouchy fits in our Insight Winter collection, and a palette of bold colors that continue through to spring and summer.”

Tell me a little about your own personal style… How would you describe it?
My style is pretty thrown together. I love clashing print, color and texture. I’m usually vibing on some new influence, which makes it way into my look, and am almost always wearing vintage pieces from my travels.

If I had to describe it I’d say washed up rocker meets bohemian fringe dweller meets 90’s downtown hipster…on acid, ha maybe!

On her favorite aspirational brand, Maison Martin Margiela

It’s the conceptualism and intellect behind the label that intrigues me. Their anti-marketing stance, the desire to not influence the presence of the garment with a name or brand, and the way they refer to ‘The Maison’ as a collective as opposed to one designer. Continue reading here.

Photos by Sylve Colless.


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