Inspired living…Marant & Dreyfuss

Fashion Designer Isabel Marant is renowned for her cult ‘bohemian style’, French fashion label whilst her husband Jérôme Dreyfuss creates a range of  bags and accessories with a similar style. Both their ranges are to die for!

If you thought this duo couldn’t get any more chic, think again. They recently spoke about their weekends spent at their rustic cottage, surrounded by acacia trees on the banks of Loing River, in the French countryside of Fontainebleau . With a strict embargo on fashion talk the cottage serves as a retreat from the couple’s hectic working week. Just 35 miles from Paris, the rustic surroundings are nevertheless far removed from city life and is. “Aside from people paddling on the river, you hear only nature,” Marant says. With a picturesque setting and even a treehouse for the couple’s 8 year old son, Tal, a rustic getaway has never looked so good!

Original T Magazine article here. Words above from Share Design..also check out their photos of the Marant/Dreyfuss Paris pad here!

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