Bonjour chéri…the sweetest words I ever did see!

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It’s easy knowing me, I’m obvious in my delight..a smile or a squeal and I do not shy away from showing my disdain through an exclamation of “that’s hideous” and just simply “no”. It doesn’t take a Masters in Sabina to know that I have a strong pull towards anything French, the city itself, the romance of it and it’s fashion style. It also wouldn’t take a genius to know that my recent trip to Japan just threw me into another world of love, love, love! I am softly spoken and sometimes shy but mostly friendly and independent but yes this too would be obvious if we met.

Which brings me to my point…

What is it that composes those interactions that are so wonderful and stand out from others? What are all those forces that push and pull together to make magic? 

I know that my most treasured friends are those that I can squeal with and have a two-way delight in. A genuine happiness when good things come their way or mine. Shared happy moments and even disasters (hmm I’ve had those!), chatting feverishly about a movie, a book and even a shoe, dancing like crazy where the only exchange is a smile or song lyric, looking at travel photos and being inspired, plotting on maps when neither can think straight (my CK) and growing together as extraordinary people (one would hope). So when it comes to matters of the heart, I start to feel less equipped, a little scared and very pessimistic until I think of one of my favourite quotes;

“Seduce my mind and you can have my body,
Find my soul and I’m yours forever.”

Yes, it shouldn’t be that hard now should it?


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