Let’s Do Classic

1dd2ab44387a583a10c7ed91e6dcfade 344869d74e23ee9b3a2267800d257138 dd2c8411251152016b889185298a982e b2f9d72901dd2afa10ce4b07e3531ef7 a6483f2625a23a0f10f036349a55a21c 3d69e14cf912b7252463a3ac757036ed 46a1b03c16c0aa03f78bcbc9c08f3af5 8dcbe6c34ba658633b076a6f083eb430 0d7a7407f858b018977efe5c92818469My way…classic with an edge. White shirt…ripped jeans, black & white…sheer white top or masculine shapes, classic coat…grunge beanie.

The classics are always up for current interpretation but the classic basics will always work because they represent effortless and timeless style.



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