“With our backs all turned to morning light”

f8ca0225cb916ccf54fa60d9a4fc736c9a5153d614ed5641996cd766937d3d7d dce831de09976aac1a4a0d1ed7a6a839 ba037c2ffd83ff0f02443c545530d3699266bb177242125ee48cec76730ea7da b69db7cc9b89ca0ec2e1c1157bff4269 c38875351abb23d4bd6d8b520c41524b47bc3ab45c3fca98b92386ab3ea4029cTitle from Bombay Bicycle Club, Favourite Day Lyrics


3 thoughts on ““With our backs all turned to morning light”

  1. I love your blog, what a great collection. Random question, do you have any idea where the top is from in the 5th photo down? The long open kimono type thing? I want it so much!

    • Hey Danni, thank-you for the kind words and dropping a comment. Its always a nice surprise to get one! I always post pics I adore and it’s cool that somewhere in the blogosphere there are kindred souls! Wish I could help with the top! I’m not sure about the one in the pic but you could try Emilio Pucci One Teaspoon, MINKPINK, Asos & Winter Kate? Hope that helps just a lil :)

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