Seasons change but favourites remain

image.jpegI’ve been thinking a lot about bags lately. As the hues of the season change, both in weather and fashion, my eyes begin to feast on the runway collections and the forecast on accessories. Timeless elegance and golden eras are having their moment on the arms of ‘it’ girls and celebrities, as are quirkier takes on small purses with glitz and chutzpah. Embellished and sparkly, fringed or fluffy like an alpaca, the later are bringing fun to the street style scene.

Then I begin to wonder what I will covet next. Summer has gone in a flash and now I’m looking to purchase my ‘it’ bag. However, I can’t seem to let go of one of my favourites, my oldie but goodie. It’s soft buttery leather, the perfect stripe inside that makes me smile every time I delve in to reach for my keys or lipstick. The perfect soft straps that hang from my shoulder and rub against my body softly. The swish of the bag as I walk, not to mention the memories that belong to this bag…dates with girlfriends, floors of clubs dancing, the markings of fun.

So as I look to the new season, perhaps I should spend my money on some warmer clothing and once again pull out my favourite…after all timeless elegance they say, is all the rage right now.Celine-Fall-2016-Bags-5.jpgimagethe-edit-no3-giorgia-tordini_garance-dore_1_.jpgimage



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