Om…face in the sun

As the sun shines on my body this morning, I am experiencing a real sense of a change coming from within. There have been too many dark moments in the last couple of years but the shift feels real, feels positive. 

It is goes hand in hand with the present change in season and I am reflecting on just how special a Melbourne Autumn really is.

It is that time of the year when the morning light can trick you into believing it’s warmer outside than the actual 10 degrees it is, and just as quickly as you exist home, you have to return for one final layer. Autumn gives us crisp fresh mornings, beautiful sunsets, the occasionally rain and that horrid wind, but this is quintessionally Melbourne – the peeling off of layers as the day warms up only to have to add more and more in the late afternoon. 

The best part is we can wear boots with bare legs (and show off the last of that Summer tan!), wear dresses with coats, add a scarf or hat and get imaginative with our cooler weather items before they get packed away for Winter. It really is magic. 

Change is ok, we just have to adapt and go with it. Embrace it fashionably…and mindfully.  



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