Mixed prints, colour, texture, perfectly cut cloth, oh how I adore thee. I have an unapologetic love for it all – mixed up – thrown on, unsymmetrical or daringly cut, it stops me in my tracks. 

Perhaps I can trace it back to Patricia Field’s costume design on Sex and the City and gasping for air whist watching Carrie Bradshaw strut the streets of New York. This was magic to me, a new way of breaking the best fashion rules, hues on the wrong side of the colour wheel, fur and sneakers, birds worn as hair accessories…yes there is a lot to thank Field for.

Recently I inwardly cheered whilst watching Iris Apfel play and pile on her gems in the documentary Iris. โ€œI like to improvise,โ€ she confessed near the start of the film. Individual and authentic style is far more exciting, showcasing a personality before a word is even spoken. 

As I look at some of my favourite images over the years, I realise that the most iconic and powerful are those that feel organically put together. Love or hate them, they make you feel something and that to me is art.                    




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