and here comes the rain…

tumblr_mjo9xeLlb51qat3lvo1_1280 tumblr_n068xtQlMW1qgow9fo1_1280 5a35922290b77426fe919ecc8dec2cd9 9f9a1ecb1dc63c33fef0550e8a2b7065 04e3fb024f14234e3e5d65f49267e451 8cff9c43b0e4d0aac6d55c8dca156770This time last year I was in New York. Beautiful Manhattan skylines inspiring all sorts of daydreams in my mind of living in a city like that. Grand and fast, Art Deco architecture and so many beautiful public spaces. A 10 year old in tow showing me that swinging from street posts and counting squirrels is just as magical as seeing a Frida Kahlo in a gallery. This last weekend we spent a sunny time in Sydney. Another beautiful city and more of the same thoughts…living elsewhere. There’s no particular reason for the longing. Perhaps it’s just the gypsy heart in me. For now I am stuck in bed with the flu and far away places are just what I want to be reminded off.


Live Your Style – Sass & Bide Home

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“(Vintage) is what first fueled my love of fashion. I am at my happiest when I am clashing favorite vintage pieces with ‘fallen in love with’ new purchases. It is also what inspires me daily”

(Middleton on Tales of Endearment)

A home that reflects the inhabitants style perfectly. Whatever you’re style, live it.

Great written piece on Sass & Bide designer, Heidi Middleton’s home on Tales of Endearment from 2012, click link above.

Gypsies and shabopping…

Seriously want to pile on the jewellery & wear floaty clothes all day. Otherwise give me a bathing suit and something cold to drink. Hot in the city today! And while this is happening I want to listen to Devendra Banhart’s Shabop Shalom all day because it makes me smile!

“Our story begins on a Sunday afternoon
Just between halfway tree and Spanish town
Where a young boy
Not yet the cock o’ the walk that he would soon become,
Was lying on the grass and takin’ in the sweet and sensuous scent of hibiscus
That languidly lilted along the summer breeze

It was at this precise moment that he saw her.
Her walk was soft and delicate with a thaumaturgical touch
That only a Rabbi’s daughter could have
Before their eyes had even met
Her luminous lips had already lured him in
Salvation winked with he promise of a briss held at pinnacle
And a congregation of sages bunny hopping and chicken dancing to yiddish mento

Then their eyes linked
An aeon blinked amharic vows were scryed upon their hearts
Just to think this could all be with a frenectomy and a few words of love.

My shabop shalom baby
Won’t you shabop shalom with me
Under the old banana tree
Whoa, whoa

My sweet telavivian lamb’s bread
My heart can act as an emoliant
And you’ll never ever say
Get bent!”

Shop Spell & the Gypsy here. Images via FGR, Zimmerman, Spell & the Gypsy