Inspiration – Casual Friday

Loose layers, great accessories!


Jackets that finish outfits. Upturned cuffs make for casual, a beautiful jacket still says you’re in work mode!

Casual hair, flawless make up.

White shirt, layered jewels…yes, great for any day of the week.

How Annie Hall!

Love love love. It’s a mix of French, pixie, Audrey, 70’s and modern. All of my favourite things for my favourite day of the week!

Jumpsuit…military green….more of my favourite things!

Architectural in form and wonderful in it’s simplicity. Adore this look!

The finishing touch in case casual Friday takes you to Friday drinks – flawless hair & make-up.

Utterly captivating.

Daria Werbowy might have ‘quit’ modelling two years ago due to the pressures and what if’s of an industry that gives…and takes so much…but aren’t we glad she’s back! Raw, sexy, feminine…she might have quit drinking and become a yogi, moved to Ireland and fallen in love with a tradie but I guess that’s what makes her even more appealing!

Marie Claire Russia May 2014. Photographer: Mathieu Cesar.

In my opinion, 30 year old Daria just gets more beautiful.

I haven’t been this in love with an editorial for some time…adore the light & setting and the edginess of the raw sensibility.

Copper chairs juxtaposed perfectly to that glitter top!


Berry lips + that Cartier neck piece…ahhh.

I don’t care hair, all white, gold accent, grey marl and aged camel leather…yup amaze.

Behind the scenes photography: Claudia Revidat.

Stylist for this shoot: Anna Rykova.

Daria in front of Mathieu Cesar’s lens.

and off to PRINT!

and here comes the rain…

tumblr_mjo9xeLlb51qat3lvo1_1280 tumblr_n068xtQlMW1qgow9fo1_1280 5a35922290b77426fe919ecc8dec2cd9 9f9a1ecb1dc63c33fef0550e8a2b7065 04e3fb024f14234e3e5d65f49267e451 8cff9c43b0e4d0aac6d55c8dca156770This time last year I was in New York. Beautiful Manhattan skylines inspiring all sorts of daydreams in my mind of living in a city like that. Grand and fast, Art Deco architecture and so many beautiful public spaces. A 10 year old in tow showing me that swinging from street posts and counting squirrels is just as magical as seeing a Frida Kahlo in a gallery. This last weekend we spent a sunny time in Sydney. Another beautiful city and more of the same thoughts…living elsewhere. There’s no particular reason for the longing. Perhaps it’s just the gypsy heart in me. For now I am stuck in bed with the flu and far away places are just what I want to be reminded off.

The Edit

A little thing I’m calling The Edit. Just some cool things on my mind this month!f947e847504c384421bb6506908610b3I can hardly contain my enthusiasm for the new Wes Anderson film – The Grand Budapest Hotel. You only need to reel off the names in the cast and I’m in running for the ticket box! Featuring Bill Murray, Ralph Fiennes, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Harvey Keitel, Jude Law, Edward Norton, Léa Seydoux, Jason Schwarzman, Tilda Swinton (aha) and many more! I adore Wes Anderson’s films (you can take them or leave them) but for me it’s the visual treat of the sets and costumes that leaves me in awe. Today I watched this new video which reveals one of the key ingredients of his visual palette: centering. Amazing! However, if you only watch one short video from these links today, do yourself a favour and watch the featurette on the making of the hotel in The Grand Budapest Hotel here.

ca93661ea22ff9d4e61cf6a27f8bb801So there’s music too! I keep scanning tickets for Devendra Banhart’s Australian tour…there really isn’t a reason not to go especially as my local barista told me that I wouldn’t be disappointed having been to Banharts’s last tour down under. Last year I spent the Summer doing Yoga and riding around on my bike listening to his music feeling all zen and invincible. Devendra Banhart is all dreamy and broody and he has the sweetest lyrics to boot. Hippy folks giving him an Indian name just makes him even more intriguing! I’ve harped on about his lyrics on here before but swoooonnnn…..

Shabop Shalom :

Our story begins on a sunday afternoon
Just between halfway tree and spanish town
Where a young boy
Not yet the cock o’ the walk that he would soon become,
Was lying on the grass and takin’ in the sweet and sensuous scent of hibiscus
That languidly lilted along the summer breeze

lauren santo domingo : spanish vogueNow that I’ve got my culture on…film, music (yes there’s room for more and I could go on about the Art Deco fashion exhibition I recently saw but I’ll save you…) I love when my two passions collide. Fashion and interiors. Add to that contributing editor at US Vogue and the co-founder of online fashion retailer Moda Operandi and you’ve got Lauren Santo Domingo. LSD, an inspiring business woman with impeccable style – this image gets me every time. Amaze. Adore her fashion sense and getting a glimpse into her home was so exciting. Check out a fun feature of LSD on The Coveteur herejust The Design By SkandiformPink sofa – why wouldn’t you have one? PFW Fall 2014 Street StyleFashion week street style. Need I say more – it’s my addiction!Stella McCartney S:S 14Stella McCartney – Fashion Week 2014 – I’d have blush everything, yes! Plus she gets to hang out with all the cool kids…is she still friends with Gwyn? Lotta Agaton's home Interior spaces with unexpected twists.9b7b78fdd54bd17110fd3bd41d349e3dI’ve been to weddings and celebrations of late and seeing this lovely Elie Saab dress made me wish I had something so pretty in my wardrobe!9a502063d983e7c3f6e9a9abc857e17dLast but not least- Elle Australia. For as long as I can remember I have loved nothing more than buying the latest edition of my favourite magazines hot off the press. I was a goner in my teen years when my mum brought home my very first magazine. Fascination, intrigue, inspiration. Scanning glossy pages with what seemed like the impossible attainment. Dreaming up outfits and longing for adulthood and my own right to fashion. Then something happening. I started being less inspired and feeling somewhat deflated as I turned the last page shut. All of a sudden I could see it all online. The net was so fast and just as inspiring that a monthly publication was just so old! Don’t get me started on the ads. Grrr argh! Then came the street style blogs, Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton, Garance..on and on, blogs upon blogs of real women in their clothes. I was in love. Then just like many things in life, we come full circle and return to the good old days. A real fashion magazine! I opened Elle magazine last month and stood and smiled…and flicked…and stopped and READ it. A layout that reminded me of the cool Japanese magazines in Tokyo, beautiful clothes and a truly great layout. I’ll be bolting out to the newsagency next month and hoping that for that same rush!