Mixed prints, colour, texture, perfectly cut cloth, oh how I adore thee. I have an unapologetic love for it all – mixed up – thrown on, unsymmetrical or daringly cut, it stops me in my tracks. 

Perhaps I can trace it back to Patricia Field’s costume design on Sex and the City and gasping for air whist watching Carrie Bradshaw strut the streets of New York. This was magic to me, a new way of breaking the best fashion rules, hues on the wrong side of the colour wheel, fur and sneakers, birds worn as hair accessories…yes there is a lot to thank Field for.

Recently I inwardly cheered whilst watching Iris Apfel play and pile on her gems in the documentary Iris. “I like to improvise,” she confessed near the start of the film. Individual and authentic style is far more exciting, showcasing a personality before a word is even spoken. 

As I look at some of my favourite images over the years, I realise that the most iconic and powerful are those that feel organically put together. Love or hate them, they make you feel something and that to me is art.                    



Om…face in the sun

As the sun shines on my body this morning, I am experiencing a real sense of a change coming from within. There have been too many dark moments in the last couple of years but the shift feels real, feels positive. 

It is goes hand in hand with the present change in season and I am reflecting on just how special a Melbourne Autumn really is.

It is that time of the year when the morning light can trick you into believing it’s warmer outside than the actual 10 degrees it is, and just as quickly as you exist home, you have to return for one final layer. Autumn gives us crisp fresh mornings, beautiful sunsets, the occasionally rain and that horrid wind, but this is quintessionally Melbourne – the peeling off of layers as the day warms up only to have to add more and more in the late afternoon. 

The best part is we can wear boots with bare legs (and show off the last of that Summer tan!), wear dresses with coats, add a scarf or hat and get imaginative with our cooler weather items before they get packed away for Winter. It really is magic. 

Change is ok, we just have to adapt and go with it. Embrace it fashionably…and mindfully.  


Seasons change but favourites remain

image.jpegI’ve been thinking a lot about bags lately. As the hues of the season change, both in weather and fashion, my eyes begin to feast on the runway collections and the forecast on accessories. Timeless elegance and golden eras are having their moment on the arms of ‘it’ girls and celebrities, as are quirkier takes on small purses with glitz and chutzpah. Embellished and sparkly, fringed or fluffy like an alpaca, the later are bringing fun to the street style scene.

Then I begin to wonder what I will covet next. Summer has gone in a flash and now I’m looking to purchase my ‘it’ bag. However, I can’t seem to let go of one of my favourites, my oldie but goodie. It’s soft buttery leather, the perfect stripe inside that makes me smile every time I delve in to reach for my keys or lipstick. The perfect soft straps that hang from my shoulder and rub against my body softly. The swish of the bag as I walk, not to mention the memories that belong to this bag…dates with girlfriends, floors of clubs dancing, the markings of fun.

So as I look to the new season, perhaps I should spend my money on some warmer clothing and once again pull out my favourite…after all timeless elegance they say, is all the rage right now.Celine-Fall-2016-Bags-5.jpgimagethe-edit-no3-giorgia-tordini_garance-dore_1_.jpgimage


Inspiration – Casual Friday

Loose layers, great accessories!


Jackets that finish outfits. Upturned cuffs make for casual, a beautiful jacket still says you’re in work mode!

Casual hair, flawless make up.

White shirt, layered jewels…yes, great for any day of the week.

How Annie Hall!

Love love love. It’s a mix of French, pixie, Audrey, 70’s and modern. All of my favourite things for my favourite day of the week!

Jumpsuit…military green….more of my favourite things!

Architectural in form and wonderful in it’s simplicity. Adore this look!

The finishing touch in case casual Friday takes you to Friday drinks – flawless hair & make-up.

Utterly captivating.

Daria Werbowy might have ‘quit’ modelling two years ago due to the pressures and what if’s of an industry that gives…and takes so much…but aren’t we glad she’s back! Raw, sexy, feminine…she might have quit drinking and become a yogi, moved to Ireland and fallen in love with a tradie but I guess that’s what makes her even more appealing!

Marie Claire Russia May 2014. Photographer: Mathieu Cesar.

In my opinion, 30 year old Daria just gets more beautiful.

I haven’t been this in love with an editorial for some time…adore the light & setting and the edginess of the raw sensibility.

Copper chairs juxtaposed perfectly to that glitter top!


Berry lips + that Cartier neck piece…ahhh.

I don’t care hair, all white, gold accent, grey marl and aged camel leather…yup amaze.

Behind the scenes photography: Claudia Revidat.

Stylist for this shoot: Anna Rykova.

Daria in front of Mathieu Cesar’s lens.

and off to PRINT!

and here comes the rain…

tumblr_mjo9xeLlb51qat3lvo1_1280 tumblr_n068xtQlMW1qgow9fo1_1280 5a35922290b77426fe919ecc8dec2cd9 9f9a1ecb1dc63c33fef0550e8a2b7065 04e3fb024f14234e3e5d65f49267e451 8cff9c43b0e4d0aac6d55c8dca156770This time last year I was in New York. Beautiful Manhattan skylines inspiring all sorts of daydreams in my mind of living in a city like that. Grand and fast, Art Deco architecture and so many beautiful public spaces. A 10 year old in tow showing me that swinging from street posts and counting squirrels is just as magical as seeing a Frida Kahlo in a gallery. This last weekend we spent a sunny time in Sydney. Another beautiful city and more of the same thoughts…living elsewhere. There’s no particular reason for the longing. Perhaps it’s just the gypsy heart in me. For now I am stuck in bed with the flu and far away places are just what I want to be reminded off.